From duo to trio and recently upgraded into a quartet w/ the addition of double bass (if things proceed this way, 2010 will see the band consisting of a full-size gamelan orchestra and a russian boy-choir.), Mohel plays jazz-free free-jazz only because that's the final outcome. 'Jazz' is the instrumentation, 'free' is the M.O., the rest is the moment happening. Time gets stretched & compressed, the lines are blurred, bent out of shape, this is twist & shout all the way. Seated at an empty table, already & always hungry, Mohel can cook up a 5-course dinner from beans & bacon only. Emptiness, like a man in an empty room: it's only empty after the man leaves. Mohel scratches the tabula rasa w/ its forks & knives, the cat gets out of the hat.

Janne Martinkauppi : alto sax & clarinet.
Sami Pekkola : tenor sax.
Kari Pitkämäki : double bass.
Petri Pirtilä : drums.

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